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An online college doctorate is an academic degree that in most countries represents the highest level of formal study or research in a given field. In some countries, it also refers to a class of degrees that qualify the holder to practice in a specific profession (such as law or medicine). The best-known example of the former is the Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), while examples of the latter include the U.S. degree of Doctor of Medicine and the Dutch Professional Doctorate in Engineering.

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    California Intercontinental University
Online College Doctoral Degree Online College Programs from California Intercontinental University

Doctoral Degree – Global Business & Leadership Doctoral Degree – Entrepreneurship & Bus Mgmt
Doctoral Degree – Healthcare Mgmt & Leadership Doctoral Degree – Info. Sys. & Enterprise Resource Mgmt
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    Jones International University
Online College Doctoral Degree Online College Programs from Jones International University

Doctoral Degree – Business Administration Doctoral Degree – Education Specialist in K-12 Leadership
Doctoral Degree – EdD in K-12 Education Leadership
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