The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival

The deferred action for childhood arrival (DACA) is a program created in 2012 by President Obama with a purpose of putting off the extraordinary pressure from the young people, who were illegally brought to the country by their parents. Under the program, the youths are reprieved from deportation; furthermore, they are allowed to work, obtain a driving license, and even study. There were several requirements for a DACA applicant who is seeking to be part of the program. They are needed to be 31 years of age as per the moment the program began in 2012. Secondly, they have to prove that they have been in the US continuously since 2007. Thirdly, they must suggest evidence that they have clean criminal records. Also, they have to prove that they arrived in the US before the age of 16 (Gonzales et al. 1856). Finally, they have to be enrolled to the military, college, or high school. The DACA is a renewable contract, which is done in a period of two years. I am in support of DACA and I stand to defend it. The youths are not at any fault for their existence in the US since their parents brought them there. They should not be hindered against pursuing a better and fulfilling life goals in their current environment. DACA program is meant to ensure that the faultless youths have an opportunity to make their life better and pursue their dreams. They have positively contributed to the national economy and to the community; hence, it is their home, and they deserve protection. Therefore, the US administration should keep the program created by Obama, which will lead to increased workforce, national productivity, eliminate more illegal immigration, and ensure equality among all.

Issues Related to DACA

It is anticipated that the program is likely to qualify more than 300,000 to joining the workforce. It is to mean that more people will have a chance to contribute to the national economy. Most of the new beneficiaries will seek employment, and others will be able to join the education institutions. Those working illegally will be more secure; hence, there will be improved per head productivity. From research, it is evident that 50% of the workers in the agricultural sector are illegally employed. Their contributions to the sector usually have a positive effect to the economy. Deporting them will mean that the vegetables and fruit production will be negatively affected with the retail prices expected to rise. Hence, DACA comes in to save the national economy from any possible collapse. It gives the employees’ confidence and the security at work, therefore leading to increased output. There has been raised question on their negative economic impact but research has proved that the revenues generated from them are more than the provided services. Due to their citizenship through the program, the beneficiaries have a platform for the tax payment; it will raise the income levels of the nation (Martinez 1880). Hence, DACA is a very important program; it ensures that the labor force have employment authorization documents. The document is essential to guaranteeing that more labor force is supplied in the economy, which will ensure that there is increased productivity. Also, the DACA beneficiaries can be able to purchase cars, start new business, and build homes which will enable them feel the belonging warmth. Thus, the program benefits all Americans as a result of increased revenues from the raised taxes. Failing to consider the program will lead to negative economic effects such as loss of revenue. Hence, the program will ensure that the faultless youths have an opportunity to contribute to the economy which will lead to increased national revenues.

Another reason to the support of DACA program is their positive effect to the national’s health. Income levels is said to be the key determinant of health status which has been facilitated by the DACA program. According to the research, it is evident that the DACA program exposure has indicated to reduce the mental distress among the young immigrants. Mental health effects are severe to the economy of the nation as well as to the immigrant’s productivity. However, with the program, there is reduced self-reported overall health. There is evidence that deportations issues raise a lot of depression and anxiety among the undocumented immigrants. There is also a significant relationship between the economic opportunities and the health outcomes. The more job opportunities are opened by DACA, the more likely the immigrants are able to access better medical care due to their income, which improves the overall healthcare. Thus, DACA program usually has positive impact on the medical and physical health. The outcomes are essential and can be useful in guiding the policy debates on the overall debate of the future of the immigration policy as well as the benefits of the program. Hence, it is evident that the DACA programs usually have a significant effect on the overall health. It should be, therefore, embraced to ensure that few resources are used by the government in the cure of preventable illnesses.

As a result of DACA program, most of the beneficiaries have educational opportunities that they could not have pursued before. Most of the beneficiaries can now follow their higher educations and degrees programs (Batalova et al. 34). They are specializing in areas such as engineering, neuroscience, computer science, history, law, civil studies, business administration, and others. As a result of the program, the same beneficiaries are now authorized to offer their skills to the nation, which will lead to increased growth. Previously, only 36% of young faultless illegal immigrants had college degrees, but around 94% of them have access to same trainings. The Trump’s immigrant’s crackdown has led to the chilling effect on the students, absenteeism, and difficulty in the individuals’ concentration and crying in class. The trauma can be attributed to the harassment that the DACA students receive in school. The racist individuals are taking advantage of the situation by seeking to drive them out of schools. The harassment has contributed to their absenteeism as well as increased fear reducing their concentration.  The question of deportation has become rhetorical for most of them, which has affected the children in elementary school and college at a great level. The problem has led to shift of the focus to counseling offering to the immigrant students. It is evident in Oakland International High School, where the teachers have shifted their attention to students, who appear stressed in school abandoning the governmental lessons and art projects. As a result, educational establishments have adopted new programs in helping the student’s talk about the situation as a move of reducing the distress. The schools are now hiring therapists who encourage the students to speak about their family’s situations. Hence, the DACA programs have had a positive impact on the education among the beneficiaries after its establishment. However, after Trump’s crackdown, the education system has been negatively affected. Thus,, the continuous implementation of the DACA program ensures that the education system runs as per the plan. Also, it ensures that everyone has access to education. Hence, education accessibility and equality among all youths living in the US is the key reason to why I support the DACA program.

Equality is among the most essential element in the US. From the implementation of the DACA program, the applicants are protected by law, and they conduct their business without fear of contradiction like any other Americans. According to the judge in the federal court, “Discrimination is discrimination just as work authorization is work authorization” (Wadhia 59). It is to mean that an employer is not supposed to favor an employee due to the form of citizenship. The dreamers are eligible to work just as the fellow Americans. The employer is not supposed to choose a worker on basis of the particular federal immigration program’s perception. The court has denied the right to Mutual Insurance Company a policy to deny the DACA beneficiaries the opportunity to work. After the implementation of the program, students in colleges and high school started to enjoy the warmth due to the relief from the racist discrimination. When Trump later announced to cancel the program, he launched the racism attacks among the immigrants. He fueled the racial hatred and fear among the immigrants. The anti-immigrants have become hostile in their places of work and in the education sector. Most of the students share their experience of how the racist individuals harass them asking them to go back to the filthy countries, making them to stay at home. Voting for a president, who supported the deportation of more than 800,000 individuals, showed how the citizens are motivated by racial core agendas. Some senators have introduced The 2017 Dream Act that will ensure continuous equality among all. Hence, DACA program implementation is essential in the equality among the nationals. It ensures that the immigrants do not receive harassments from the racist, and they have an opportunity to offer their skills without discriminations.


DACA program established during the Obama’s administration was meant to defend the faultless from the racist attacks and provide them with the opportunity to contribute to the national economy (Wadhia 189). The program has made positive contribution to the nation such as ensuring economic growth, equality among all, increasing productivity as well as improved overall health conditions. The program ensures that the beneficiaries have an opportunity to supply their skills in the workforce, pay taxes, and have job security which leads to increased revenue that benefits all Americans. The program has as well improved physical and mental health due to the reduced distress among the migrants. It decreases the costs used by the nation in the treatment of preventable illnesses. Finally, the program has ensured that education is accessible among all youths. Trump’s crackdown has caused a lot of confusion among the non-immigrants disrupting the enjoyed benefits. Hence, the above information indicates that the DACA program is beneficial to all Americans. It should be embraced and advanced to ensure that all continue enjoying the benefits of living in the US.


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