What Do You Need to Know Before Your Next Job Interview?


Interviews can make or break careers. You might have the best credentials on paper, but you have to back it up as well. So, if you want that job, you have to prepare for the interview.


Interviewers expect something from people they wish to hire. But these expectations are something they never tell you. Knowing what and how to exceed their expectations can help you pass this phase.


Here are things you should know before your next job interview:

Do Your Research

Firstly, do your research about the company. Know the history of the company, their vision and mission, and what they do. Try to understand what your company needs in its employees.


The more understanding you have about the company, the better you can answer. It’s also a plus point for the interviewer when you come prepared.


Study the job description well. Ensure you understand what position you’re vying for and how it’s done. Know the risks and benefits.


It’s also best to know everything you can about the industry itself. You can read dissertations, essays, and articles created by reliable sources. The more knowledgeable you are with the niche, the better you can understand the company.


Common questions interviewers ask are related to your previous experiences. They’d ask something like “how did you overcome a problem you once faced.”


Don’t just talk about the solution to these questions. Rather, incorporate into the story how it impacted your company. Did the solution you came up with help gain more profit? Was it able to help you reach your target market?


They’d be more impressed with these facts rather than a cool story.

Stop Rambling

We tend to talk too much when we get nervous. It’s common, and a lot of people do this. But if you wish to pass your interview, you have to control your rambling.


Always stay on topic and try to be mindful of what you say. Otherwise, you’ll end up straying from the subject and giving out too much information. Simple questions only need simple answers.


As cliche as it may sound, but be short and concise.

Never Talk Bad about Your Old Job

We all had that one job where we always felt miserable and sometimes because your relationship with your boss or workmates isn’t the best.


Your interviewer might ask you how your previous work experiences were. If you think this is the best time to talk about how terrible your boss was, you’re wrong. Talking bad about your old job  is never a good thing.


When you feel the need to talk about your previous management, don’t focus on their personality and characters. It only makes you sound bitter and petty. Instead, talk about the flaws in their management style.

Ask Questions

By the end of the interview, you’ll be asked if you have any questions. Don’t be shy and do ask. This shows you are committed to the work and you do care about the company.


But apart from the concluding questions, interviews are mostly conversations. You also have to ask the interviewers about the company. Ask them questions about the work environment or so.


Companies want people who are confident. Show them that you are ready to have a great working relationship with them. This is also a good trick to pause from being the center of the spotlight.


Take a breather when your interviewer is talking. But never fail to listen and read between the lines as it may help you.


Most of all, prepare your mind and your body the night before an interview. Prepare your clothes and try to look sharp and confident. Have a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast so you’re at your best.


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